The benefits of using mobile surveys for market research

Mobile surveys combine the principles of traditional research with scale, reach, and affordability of the smartphone-enabled economy.

Why Conduct Surveys?

The first question you have to ask when choosing your survey collection method is why are you conducting your survey? Traditional market research offers many methods to distribute surveys and collect responses. You can find respondents using your existing customers or through your email network. You can solicit people to sign up to take surveys and, over time, you may collect a large enough sample to be representative of your target audience.

Most people, however, are looking to grow beyond just their local audience or existing customer base. That’s where mobile surveys can help.

Why Conduct Surveys On Mobile Devices?

There are numerous benefits to reaching consumers via their mobile device to gather data.

The primary benefits to a researcher using mobile surveys over other methods are that they are able to:

  • Reach a broader audience
  • Get faster results
  • Enjoy a lower cost
  • Gain the potential for higher quality responses

Mobile is where your audience spends most of their time.

There are over 5 Billion smartphone users globally, and they spend the majority of their time in apps. Mobile internet usage has eclipsed desktop, and the average consumer checks their phone so often, it’s hard to miss them by more than a few minutes

With a mobile-optimized survey, mobile survey participants provide higher quality responses:

  • They’re able to respond at their convenience
  • Are more engaged since surveys are shorter
  • Find it easier to use the interface
  • Enter responses directly (avoid interviewer bias)
  • Reduce interviewer misinterpretation
  • Provide more honest answers

Simply stated, all surveys and market analyses try to arrive at the same conclusion. Smartphones will reach the target audience via a faster, simpler, cheaper, and high-quality methodology.

And, since the Pollfish database has many already known (measured) characteristics or variables, you can create a sample with the same characteristics to that of the real population. And by stratifying your sample according to a certain variable that is highly correlated to the variable that you need to explain, you get statistically significant results.

So why are mobile surveys preferred over desktop?

Vs desktop online surveys, mobile surveys:

  • Provide greater reach
  • Reach consumers who are hard-to-access—important for younger cohorts like Gen Z, and expanding nations where internet is accessed primarily on mobile
  • Increased response rate
  • Decreased survey completion time
  • Faster data capture and analysis

In summary, mobile surveys:

  • Provide excellent value, as they are inexpensive and offer greater accuracy.
  • Provide a vast array of question types
  • Are easy to use, both for researchers and participants of the survey
  • Is THE solution when you need to gather data as fast as possible
  • Provide a better participant environment, allowing the respondent to preserve their anonymity and respond at their convenience, allowing the participant to respond answer to questions as sincerely as possible.