Conducting academic survey research with Pollfish

In order to strengthen your thesis and make your conclusions more compelling, using extra evidence within your studies to back up your points is a valuable tool. Use an academic survey to provide added assurance that your hypothesis is correct and to emphasize the validity of your argument.

With question formats ranging from numerical to open-ended, Pollfish is able to provide you with all the resources that you need to get the right data for your research project. We can also survey people from all over the world so that you get a wide range of respondents, and with a global audience network of over 650M real people, you can get your results within hours—no need to panic about looming deadlines. Our added targeting and screening options can allow you to pinpoint those who will benefit your research the most, such as only surveying people who work in the medical profession if you are doing a study on medical practices.

Here are some ways to use Pollfish’s academic surveys within your studies:

  • Before launching into an expensive and time-consuming project, do some pretesting to make sure that it’ll all run smoothly and that the results will be worth it. Renting the Hubble Space Telescope may seem like a brilliant research asset at the time, but put out a survey to catch any errors with your methodology and research idea before contacting NASA. Online surveys can be used to iron out any errors that may be the base of your research, and to figure out whether spending a lot of money will be worth it. If you deal with this early on, it will also save you time in the future. It can also allow you to see whether the population understands your research aims.
  • When we send out your academic survey, you will have access to our huge global network of consumers. Since the average person checks their phone up to 150x a day, chances are you’re going to connect with your audience a lot sooner than on other platforms. This means that you will able to get results ASAP so that you are not held back on your research, and will be able to quickly make any needed alterations to move forward. This also means that the scope of people that you can reach will be more varied than if you just asked your friends and family for feedback.

Mobile surveys can be a great tool for academic researchers, as you are able to get results quickly from numerous and varied sources. With Pollfish, you can target specific personas and get results from people around the globe. It is easy to create a survey, and the results will come in quick, so nothing will hold you back from continuing your research.