How to test ad copy using Pollfish

The objective of an advertising campaign is to bring a brand’s message to their target audience, but it can be challenging to know if the message is right. To help with this, brands and agencies can test ad-copy using Pollfish surveys to get data earlier in the process.

Why test ads before launch

When it comes to brands aligning themselves with ideologies, using humor, or moving into new markets where translation may be confusing, testing ad-copy and creative early can make or break a campaign’s success.

Many brands and agencies use Pollfish to help them understand consumer sentiment and behavior to develop ideas for a campaign’s overall message, but Pollfish can also be an asset later in the process. Ad testing early on helps validate the direction, ideation, and creative used. It can also prevent brands from making embarrassing mistakes by revealing confusing or misguided messages prior to launch.

It’s especially important for brands exploring more risky, politically charged advertising to make sure they don’t inadvertently damage their image by launching campaigns that are perceived as “tone deaf” or don’t resonate with the target audience. 

With Pollfish’s advanced targeting and variety of question types to choose from, you can test all parts of ad messaging with the right audience early on. Feedback from real consumers before launch gives you data to pivot the campaign as needed without costing a fortune in time, resources, or damaging credibility.

Building a copy test survey with Pollfish

Like all research projects, the best way to test ad-copy will vary depending upon your goals and needs, what type of creative you need to test, and what you need to learn as a result of your research.

Many companies use Pollfish to gather consumer sentiment to determine the direction of their campaign, but they can also use Pollfish to validate it. By presenting the target audience with the ads and asking them to choose the message that best fits, campaign creators can determine that their ads are telling the right story and tapping into the emotions that they want to influence.

Testing advertising creative before launch helps brands build better campaigns.

A/B Testing

A/B testing involves showing a group of people one concept, followed by a similar group being shown another variation and comparing the results to determine which performed better. On Pollfish, this can be achieved by creating two separate surveys to show Creative A and Creative B to similar groups by selecting the same targeting. 

You can only include one photo, video, or audio file in the question for now, however, you can upload a single image as a split-screen to offer an option to select between images. You can also add images to the answers, allowing you to structure the question differently if you prefer. 

Because Pollfish is one of the only survey tools that allows additions of image, audio, and video media on questions and answers, you have a variety of ways to test other creative in addition to ad-copy.

A/B test
Test creative concepts and taglines with your target audience

Test CTAs

To test different CTAs, consider providing an overview of an ad or a short video to engage the audience. At the end, ask them to select, or rank, the CTAs they would be the most likely to click based on the information they were presented with. 

Use Pollfish to test ad-copy before launch.

Testing ad effectiveness

A similar form of testing completed after a campaign is live is useful when trying to better understand which messages most resonated with consumers. For example, if consumers are asked to recall where they saw an ad or the brand it was for, their results can help measure the effectiveness of the ad or creative in question. 

To measure ad-effectiveness using Pollfish, we recommend running a pre-test prior to the campaign to collect metrics for awareness, favorability, and other objectives. Once the campaign is complete, duplicate the survey in the same area to compare changes in metrics and validate your campaign’s impact. 

Ad-copy testing is a simple, effective way to validate concepts prior to launch or catch catastrophic mistakes before they’re made. With Pollfish, a simple survey can provide all the information you need to get your campaign on the right track. Reach out to support for additional assistance or to get our ad-copy testing template questions.