How to use skip logic in your survey

In a standard questionnaire, the survey follows the questions in the sequence they are asked. This means that all respondents will be presented every question, regardless of what responses they have already given.


Standard questionnaire sequence:

survey-questions-standardAdvanced skip logic, or “branching”, allows you to channel respondents towards different questions based on the responses they have already given.  For example, if a respondent says that they have completed an action, you can allow them to skip a question that asks them to explain why they didn’t complete it.

Skip Logic Sequence:

example-skip-logicMost respondents will go through the regular sequence. Those who are not a fit for certain questions will skip the ones that don’t apply and be fast-tracked to the next question. You can use advanced skip logic for multiple layers of branching if you want to further channel questions based on specific answers.

This also allows you to look at different segments when your survey is complete. In these example survey results, you could select just those who have not rented furniture and see their responses as to what prevented them from doing so.

If you’re ready to apply logic to your survey, log into your account and select “skip to question” from the drop-down below the individual question types when you are building your questionnaire. From there you can define where the respondent will skip to based on their responses.

pollfish-survey-branchingAdvanced skip logic is only available on single-answer choice questions, descriptions, and open-ended responses. If you have additional questions about skip logic, our 24/7 support team is always here to help out.