How Pollfish Post Stratification Enables Instant Survey Weighting

When researchers create a survey with Pollfish, the audience they build is often somewhat different from the actual population. In an effort to ensure that your survey population is as accurate as possible, Pollfish created Post Stratification.

Post-Stratification allows users to weight their survey results with the push of a button using local census data. With this video tutorial, Ally will show you how you can add survey weighting instantly.



Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Ally from Pollfish, and today I’m going to show you an amazingly easy-to-use feature that let’s you weight your survey results to the census data for the region you’ve surveyed.

When you launch a general population survey, oftentimes the respondents who take the survey are not reflective or representative of the actual population. Pollfish’s answer to this is Post-Stratification; an easy, one-click solution that lets you weight these results. Let’s get started.

Select or Run Your Survey

You can see that I am on my dashboard and I am going to choose a survey I have already completed. This is because the Post-Stratification feature is available on the Results page of your survey. If you’d like to reach specific audiences, we recommend that you set this up using Quotas on the targeting page before launch.

Weight Your Survey Results

Once you reach your results page, you will see that the actual results are what populates from your survey.

When you click Post-Stratified under View Results on the lefthand side, you can see a second data set populate under your actual results, showing you the weighted information for gender and age for that area.

Census Data Availability

Post-Stratification is available in 32 countries including the US, the UK and the EU. The data comes from the census for each country, except in the case of the US, where the data will come from state-level census data.

Income census data is available in Post-Stratification for the US when the information is sufficient.

Exploring Census-Weighted Results

You can see that in my survey, I have launched this to the UK and the US–two countries supported by our Post-Stratification algorithm. And I can toggle between the two to see the census-weighted results for each one, or I can see an aggregate group that has been correctly weighted by applying post-stratification to both at once.

Export Options

I can export these results by choosing export results from the upper-righthand corner. Post-Stratification is not currently available on the PDF export format, but it will appear as a new column in Excel, Crosstabs or SPSS exports

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