How Pollfish prevents survey fraud

Pollfish uses a combination of proprietary techniques and machine learning technology to prevent survey fraud at the question level, and our participant pool of over 650M+ allows us to discard responses that don’t meet our quality standards—without sacrificing sample size.

As a result, we deliver higher quality data than our less-selective, panel-based counterparts.


What is survey fraud?

Remember the old advice to “just choose B” all the way through if you didn’t study for a test? That would result in an “F” from us. Participants that choose the same answer repeatedly, try to take the same survey again, or attempt to submit multiple surveys in quick succession don’t pass our test.

Further Respondent Verification

We further verify by checking ahead for duplicated IDs via IP or MAC addresses, Google Advertising and mobile device identifiers, and we work with our manually vetted publishers to send unique IDs as an added layer of protection. In-survey questions are designed to add another layer of security against survey fraud, such as requesting an answer to a simple math equation or including identical questions within a survey with the response options re-ordered to verify answer consistency.

Zero Tolerance For Bots

In addition, we have zero tolerance for bot-friendly VPNs, incomplete surveys, or other suspicious activities. We reject responses from any behavior we deem questionable—anything from answering open-ended questions with nonsense to attempting to sign in from multiple countries at once. We’re even alerted if respondents are spending an inappropriate amount of time across questions within the survey.

Data Quality Is Second To None

We’re skeptical of just about everyone, and that’s what makes us the best at what we do. Accuracy is our top priority, which is why we are so critical of our sources and their behavior. In fact, we only include respondents that match 100% of the targeting criteria, even if there was nothing fraudulent about their responses. This combination of technology and expertise ensures the delivery of the highest quality data to our customers—every survey, every time.