Add Advanced Skip Logic To Your Survey With Pollfish

With Advanced Skip Logic, you can deliver different survey questions based on respondent answers. Unlike screening questions, you can include all respondents in your final survey results and simply reroute different types of respondents to different questions.

Advanced Skip Logic allows you to get a deeper level of understanding from consumers, reduce survey bias and more. And setup couldn’t be easier. See the step-by-step tutorial below.



Video Transcription

Hi I’m Ally from the Pollfish marketing team and today, I’m going to introduce you to one of the most powerful features on the Pollfish platform–Advanced Skip Logic.

Skip logic allows you to redirect respondents towards different questions based on answers they’ve already given previously in the survey. This helps respondents to end up being served questions that are more relevant to them, it helps completion rates and it gets you better data.

This is super easy to set up and you can start by going to the Questionnaire portion of your Pollfish survey builder.

For the purpose of our example, you can see that I’ve already added questions to my survey. You’ll need to have questions in order to add logic to them.

Getting Started

When you have a question you want to apply logic to, simply move over to the left-hand side, where you’ll see your complete question menu. At the bottom, you have the option to apply logic.

There is also an icon for branching, which you’ll notice on this toggle bar as well. Skip logic is sometimes called branching because it looks like a branch.

When we click on the branching icon, we can see the complete skip logic menu. This will also show us a preview of the survey questions, as well as a preview of the survey and our logic path.

The logic path shows us the flow that respondents are currently going to go to. Right now, this is a regular flow, following one question after the next where every respondent receives every question.

To make these questions more relevant, we’re going to add skip logic.

My survey is addressing Netflix Original Series and asking respondents which show they liked best out of two different options.

If we want people who liked the show Ozark to only receive questions about Ozark, and we want the people who liked Stranger Things better to only receive questions about Stranger Things, we can apply skip logic to make this happen.

Adding Skip Logic

We’ll start by adding a rule. This lets us choose one of the answer choices from question one and the action that we want the respondents to take.

Because the next question is about Ozark, we want respondents who choose Stranger Things to skip that question and go straight to questions about Stranger Things–in this case, question three.

Because None Of The Above is also one of our answer choices, we want people who did not really enjoy either of these shows to go straight to the end of the survey.

For question two, since we don’t want respondents who are answering questions about Ozark to see the question about Stranger Things that would follow, we’ll also have any answer from question two result in the respondents being sent to the end of the survey.

Review Your Logic Path

Now we can review this logic path and see what the respondents will be doing if they are presented the survey.

For question one, they have three different answer choices, all of which will take them to a new and more relevant survey path for the respondent.

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