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How Pollfish Clients Use Our Brand Tracker and Polling Trackers to Meet Business Goals

How Pollfish Clients Use Our Brand Tracker and Polling Trackers to Meet Business Goals 

brand tracker

Running a brand tracker and other polling trackers is essential to keeping a constant oversight of the perceptions of your company. Understanding the views of your target market will help you both conceive and execute a variety of business campaigns. 

Pollfish clients run trackers throughout the year to track everything from their brand awareness to consumer loyalty and a variety of other matters. 

That’s because when it comes conducting market research, understanding your customers is one of the most important benefits, as it helps drive the success of a variety of business goals. Aside from understanding their needs and habits, it is just as crucial to understand how your customers view your brand in particular.

That’s where brand and other polling trackers are especially useful, as they allow you to discover how your target market views various aspects and news of your brand, along with unearthing whether they know about its existence in the first place.

This article provides firsthand information on how clients of the online market research platform Pollfish use brand trackers and other polling trackers to meet their business goals. 

Brand Awareness and Usage of a Streaming Platform

One of Pollfish’s major clients is a global audio streaming and media services provider. This platform used Pollfish brand trackers to conduct global market research. The client's intent was to track brand awareness and usage of their platform in five countries.

Specifically, this client sought to uncover trends throughout different days, months and even years and then use those trends to compare with the ads that were being run in specific regions. 

The streaming platform used the Pollfish brand trackers on a daily basis, seeking to uncover how well residents of the five countries were aware of the streaming platform and how often they used it. 

The company has been running the tracker for half a year as the main instrument in assessing brand awareness and usage.

Brand Awareness and Physical Visitation of an Immersive Arts Production Company

An art production company that creates immersive, multimedia experiences for audiences of all ages, relied on the Pollfish brand tracker to trace both brand awareness and the visitation of its physical exhibitions in different states across the US.

The client has continuously used this tracker to see trends across months, using this information to compare to ad expenditure. As of today, they have run the tracker for one year. 

The outcome of using this tracker involved leveraging data on brand awareness to understand how ad expenditure is working in certain locations. 

Consumer Behavior and Purchasing Decisions of the Condiment Company Kalsec

Kalsec, a US-based food manufacturer that produces condiments, has been running global trackers on Pollfish since 2019. The company has used polling trackers to observe customer behavior, with a particular analysis on purchasing decisions, as they sought to understand their consumers’ decision-making on the purchase of spices and other flavorings.  

Kalsec used our trackers to review year-over-year trends to understand their consumers and aid in their own decision-making processes. 

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Running the trackers in 14 countries, Kalsec investigated the awareness of its brand, along with consumer preferences of their products through a global lens. In doing so, the condiment company was able to compare how awareness and preferences panned out across various countries. 

The insights that Kalsec derived allowed the business to make key decisions, specifically those that solidify its stance in the industry as experts and leaders on the topic of hot and spicy flavors. 

In addition, the company chose to leverage the insights for content creation and lead generation. Furthermore, the brand tracker aided Kalsec in internal business decisions on product ideation and development.

Brand Loyalty of an E-commerce Marketing Brand

An ecommerce marketing platform sought to examine the brand loyalty of various brands using the platform. As such, it utilized the Pollfish brand tracker to do just that. Specifically, the platform conducted a consumer behavior study to unlock market trends and steer content initiatives.

Beginning in 2020, the ecommerce company has been analyzing trends relating to consumer spending, along with brand loyalty to specific brands that use the platform year-over-year. 

Running trackers on a yearly basis, the company sought different opportunities to reach its consumers, while it simultaneously measured their loyalty to the platform. 

The tracker also provided the ecommerce platform with insights on consumer behavior, in addition to measuring key metrics to align with internal efforts. 

The Quorum Leverages The Pollfish Platform To Surface Key Audience Insights Into The Film Business

In late 2020, The Quorum, a film industry research firm, turned to Pollfish to create a survey tracker for the purpose of measuring awareness and interest in upcoming film releases. Key to this research has been measuring changes over time through longitudinal surveys

The Quorum has been fielding these studies three times a week for the past 18 months. Results of the surveys are available for all to see on The Quorum's website.

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Primarily created as a resource for movie fans, the resulting data has become a valuable resources for the studios and streamers as a way of measuring the health of a film's marketing campaign. 

"We are in the field five days a week. In deciding on a data partner, we were looking for a platform that would allow us to maintain complete control over the writing, programming, and fielding of our studies in a frictionless environment. We were immediatley sold once we saw the robust and intuitive Pollfish interface. Eighteen months and hundreds of surveys later, we have no regrets about the decision to work with Pollfish.” 

- David Herrin, Founder, The Quorum

This research has resulted in numerous insights into consumer behavior and attitudes about individual films and the theatrical business as a whole. This has proven to be especially valuable in understanding an industry that has seen immense disruption from the pandemic.  

The Quorum’s specific objectives with their tracker usage centered on assessing movie awareness over time and determining how the industry has been changing. In addition, the company has been striving to eventually monetize its website by selling its data to studios.

This data is available to the general public, though a market has emerged in licensing the data to studios and streamers. This has become one unexpected monetization model for the tracker.

Brand Awareness and Health of a Condiment Company

Another condiment company has been using the Pollfish brand tracker to keep track of brand health and awareness. Starting in early 2020, the consumer packaged goods company has run a quarterly tracker to track condiment awareness and usage of the products in different cities.

This company has continued relying on the Pollfish tracker, as it allows them to track brand usage and awareness over time in specific, local markets.

Running quarterly, the goals of this tracker include being able to:

  • Understand how the company’s brand image stacks up against its competition in its key markets
  • Decipher whether its awareness and usage is increasing or decreasing

The tracker has allowed the condiment company to understand the trajectory of its brand perception within its target market and determine how it aligns with other marketing efforts.

Keeping Constant Track of Your Brand

Brand perception shifts with the seasons and the times. What remains constant is the need to satisfy your customers, maintain a healthy brand reputation and grow your brand equity

As such, you need to keep track of your brand, whether it's for gauging your awareness, reputation, demand or other concerns. 

To do so, you’ll need to opt for an online research platform that makes it easy to run polling trackers. This way, you will be able to collect all your necessary data from the right respondents in a short window of time. 

As such, choose a survey platform that features artificial intelligence and machine learning to remove low-quality data and offer a broad range of survey and question types.

It should include advanced skip logic to route respondents to relevant follow-up questions based on their previous answers. 

Most importantly, it should allow you to survey anyone.  As such, you’ll need a platform with a reach to millions of individuals, along with one that offers the Distribution Link feature. 

This feature will allow you to send your survey to specific respondents, rather than simply deploying surveys across a network. 

With a market research platform that offers all of these capabilities, you’ll be able to survey your audience and run quality trackers whenever you wish.