buy survey audience

Buy a Survey Audience and Survey Respondents Straight from the Source

Buy a Survey Audience and Survey Respondents Straight from the Source

buy survey audience

As market research professionals, we urge you to buy a survey audience to access a wealth of survey respondents at your fingertips

While it may be tempting to opt for a market research panel, buying survey respondents straight from the source is a much more effective method for conducting research and having constant access to the correct survey respondents.

You wouldn't want to survey the wrong audience; it should be precise to both your target market segments, along with to the respondent qualifications of a particular research campaign or survey. 

Both the former and the latter are going to vary; as such, there is no such thing as a single survey target audience. 

Thus, the makeup of your survey audience will differ based on the shifts in your target market and the different subjects and objectives of distinct research campaigns. 

As such, you’ll need to reach out to several populations based on your various research campaigns and needs. To do so, you’ll need to identify, target and buy the correct survey audience.

This article explores how to buy a survey audience, the importance of reaching the right survey respondents, how the Pollfish platform does so with random organic sampling and much more.

Table of Contents: Buy a Survey Audience and Survey Respondents Straight from the Source

  1. Target the right survey audience
  2. Removing fraud incentives
  3. Our audience operates differently
  4. Audience size and source matter
  5. Selecting the right consumer
  6. The right audience makeup
  7. Our expansive reach means we can do what no other market research provider can
  8. The Importance of Buying a Survey Audience
    1. The Proper Target Survey Audience is Not the Same as Market Segments
    2. Identifying and Reaching the Poper Respondents
    3. Studying Your Target Audience in Greater Depth
    4. Being Able to Detect and Observe a Bad Customer Experience
    5. Having Constant Access to the Correct Survey Audience Population
  9. Using Random Device Engagement and Organic Sampling
    1. Market research panels are flawed
  10. How to Buy a Survey Audience
    1. Buying a Survey Audience as Part of the Survey Process
    2. The Two Pollfish Plans
    3. Accessing Market Research Data to Buy Survey Audience
    4. Two Main Ways to Buy a Survey Audience
  11. How to Buy Survey Respondents
  12. The Pollfish Platform Has Your Back

Target the right survey audience

You ought to target the right survey audience without being bogged down by survey fraud and a host of other issues that non-organic probability sampling methods bring. 

We identified data-quality issues - such as panel fatigue and unconsciously biased responses that are unavoidable with career panelists early on. To stamp out low-quality data, our platform is designed to avoid career panelists with narrow targeting and a system of quality checks. 

We’ve also created our own distributed audience network to be the first wholly-owned and operated network made up of real consumers around the world.

choose survey audience
Whether it’s cracking down on low-quality survey data
or accessing real customers, the Pollfish organic sampling method (see the section called Using Random Device Engagement and Organic Sampling) executes a meaningful market research campaign.

Our platform targets the correct survey audience, one that can be exclusively defined and hyper-targeted to ensure that only the most relevant respondents partake in your survey campaigns.  

Removing fraud incentives

Most traditional market research panelists are survey respondents who sign up in exchange for cash or airline points.

Because these incentives are static and cumulative, they often become “professional survey-takers” — they understand how, and are motivated to bypass screening questions to ensure they can take as many surveys as possible, without providing quality responses.

Our platform mandates a screening section, which you can customize to be as granular as possible, thereby allowing you to avoid poor-quality respondents. Just use our screener to qualify respondents on a wide range of demographics and psychographic qualities.

We even offer screening questions in addition to inputting survey respondent qualifications in the screener section

Our audience operates differently

Because we partner directly with app developers, the developer defines appropriate and specific non-cash survey incentives in exchange for completed surveys. These incentives benefit real consumers without motivating them to become career panelists. 

Instead, respondents are motivated to complete a survey truthfully and are rewarded with a pleasant survey experience (and an incentive after they complete the survey).

With so many mobile apps in existence, there is a wide breadth of non-monetary survey incentives to reward your respondents, draw them to your survey and provide accurate data.

For example, in the case of a news app, the survey incentive might be a premium article, or in a fitness app, access to a free yoga lesson.

In a mobile game, the incentive can take the form of in-game tokens, lives, access to higher levels and more. You can get creative with how you offer these incentives, and our app partners always are.

Audience size and source matter

Since we operate the largest global audience of survey takers, our vast network enables us to reach very narrow consumer segments, meaning we can reach very specific target audiences, the kinds you wouldn’t be able to target otherwise.

That’s because our survey audiences are hyper-targeted.

The screening questions we mentioned earlier (Removing fraud incentives section), allow you to do just that. 

survey your customers
With the screening questions, you can
permit or disqualify potential respondents based on how they answer your screening questions. In other words, it allows you to fine-tune your survey audience targeting even more distinctly.

However, what truly makes us stand out against the crowd of other survey sample providers is our relationships with our partner apps that ensure high-quality responses from those targeted segments.

Because of this relationship, our surveys and incentives are never boring or lackluster. Instead, the respondents have an engaging survey environment where they’re prompted to complete entire surveys. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for researchers and survey respondents alike. 

Selecting the right consumer

Our more than 120K+ app partners are manually vetted and only get paid when they deliver a response from a qualified individual that fits the targeting criteria request and meets our strict quality controls.

buy survey audience

This differs from the traditional approach that requires “impaneling” respondents, making it prohibitively expensive to throw out questionable responses. 

But on the Pollfish platform, our AI-powered system automatically disqualifies respondents who don’t fit the entire targeting criteria, along with those who provide faulty answers and low-quality data.

That’s because our wide range of quality checks weed out gibberish answers, respondents who don’t pay attention, VPN users that would otherwise taint geographic targeting and other sources of low-quality data.

The right audience makeup

New respondents are joining our consumer network every day. Our network of app providers and survey respondents is now in over 160+ countries - and growing - as our app-based partnerships give us a fast and efficient way to reach and expand our market research audience.

We use a rolling profiling model to keep our audience information up-to-date and collect a wealth of data upfront including demographic, location, gender, carrier and mobile usage data (a first in the space).

This makes it easy for you to create surveys using already-collected demographic data and spend time seeking answers for your business, not drafting questions to define your audience makeup.

Our expansive reach means we can do what no other market research provider can

We narrowly target consumer populations and send surveys to the exact respondents you want to reach, apply AI fraud detection to remove responses that don’t meet our quality standards and still have plenty of responses to satisfy your targeting quotas — all while they are organically engaged in mobile apps on their devices.

We call this revolutionary methodology organic sampling, specifically Random Device Engagement on the Pollfish platform. We’ve used it to accurately predict some of the most confounding political events of recent decades — where traditional methods fell short.

organic survey sampling

Learn more about the Pollfish methodology.

The Importance of Buying a Survey Audience

Buying a survey audience is essential to your studies. There are many reasons that support this claim. Let’s explore some of the major arguments as to why buying a survey audience is an absolute must for your market research campaigns. 

The Proper Target Survey Audience is Not the Same as Market Segments

The reason that upholds the importance of buying a survey audience ties in with the need to use the proper survey target audience. You wouldn’t want to reach out to irrelevant segments of a population, as they are not part of your target market.

In addition, even if you have identified the distinct market segments and customer personas in your target market, they are not equivalent to your target survey audience

importance of survey audience

This is because the market segments and customer profiles that you’ll need to survey will vary from study to study and from one survey campaign to the next.  

As such, your survey audience is not the same as your market segments and broader target market. 

Instead, your survey target audience is a far more narrow and specified group contingent on a particular survey campaign. Sometimes, it’ll be even more limited, as it will be exclusive to a particular survey part of a larger campaign. 

Identifying and Reaching the Poper Respondents

In order to reach this distinct group of respondents, you’ll need to have them in your sampling pool. To do so, you’ll need to identify them first, before you buy them. That’s something you can achieve with a market research platform, particularly an online survey platform. 

best survey platform

Such a platform would handle identifying and reaching your correct survey audience. But you would need to buy your survey audience first.

Buying this audience is also important for a number of other reasons.

Studying Your Target Audience in Greater Depth

Having access to the correct survey audience is essential for market research. As aforementioned, you wouldn't want to study the wrong populations. Having your survey audience within easy reach allows you to study your customers in great depth.

This is important for a variety of reasons, from delighting your customers, to retaining them. Customer retention is more important than customer acquisition, yet studying the proper survey audience allows you to achieve both: retaining your customers and gaining new ones.

To study them, they’ll need to be accessible to you and your market research efforts. As such, it’s crucial to buy your survey respondents.

Being Able to Detect and Observe a Bad Customer Experience

Did you know that almost half of all customers stop doing business with a company due to a bad CX? In fact, 47% of customers stop buying from businesses after a negative experience

But having a bad experience with a brand doesn’t always compel customers to make light of it. As such, not all of your customers will complain, thereby you won’t have awareness of the poor customer experience your brand provided. 

bad CX

In fact, 91% of unhappy customers will leave a business without complaining. Thus, while many brands place a lot of effort into forging customer happiness, they can’t avoid all kinds of customer dissatisfaction and frustrations.

Fortunately, with survey research and access to the correct survey audience, you’ll never have to be kept in the dark about poor customer experiences. Instead, you can deploy regular consumer surveys and brand trackers to be in the constant know regarding your customers' wants, needs, sentiments, opinions, aversions and more. 

Once more, this all depends on having access to the correct survey audience, which is why you’ll need to buy your survey audience through a reliable online survey platform

Having Constant Access to the Correct Survey Audience Population

When you buy a survey audience, you can also rest assured that you always have access to the correct audience. That’s because a strong online survey platform will allow you to hyper-target your target survey audience as narrowly as you’d like. 

It will even allow you to use multiple audiences in a single survey. This provides a holistic survey audience access. It’s objectively important to have this option within constant reach in your online survey platform.

But having access to the correct survey audience once or for one survey isn’t enough. As aforementioned, it is key to keep constant tabs on your customers and your brand experience. Avoiding a bad CX is a must, but you won’t be able to do it via a one-and-done approach.

Thus, while using syndicated research may give you access to your target survey audience, it won’t give you continued access to your customers  — unless you’re willing to break the bank. This form of research involves using a market research firm to carry out and own all research data.

This approach is therefore not ideal, as it is expensive and won’t allow you to have a constant grasp of your own data. Instead, when you buy a survey audience with Pollfish, you are the sole owner of your data and have constant access to our 250+ network of consumers ready to take your surveys.

Using Random Device Engagement and Organic Sampling

Equally important as buying a survey audience is using the proper mechanism for reaching it. Did you know that the way you reach your survey respondents dictates the nature of their responses? 

That’s because some respondents will be more inclined to take it than others, while some will be more prone to biases (especially if they are pre-recruited via panels). 

random device engagement

As such, the method for reaching an audience goes hand in hand with buying a survey audience; both are critical to your studies, as both factor into its quality.

In order to avoid as many survey biases as possible, keep respondents engaged in your study and forgo survey fraud, you ought to use a platform that runs on organic probability sampling.

As such, you should use a potent market research platform that leverages this mechanism and allows you to easily access your audience.

Below we’ll delve into what organic probability sampling is, along with the RDE method.

Market research panels are flawed

Research panels are one of the most common techniques used to identify and reach survey panelists and other market research participants. While they are a popular option, they do not provide you with the quality that organic sampling does.

At Pollfish, we avoid using conventional panels for this very reason

Instead, we’ve developed our very own market research methodology called organic probability sampling. This involves sourcing our own audience of real consumers via partnerships with app publishers, which allows us to conduct randomized, yet highly targeted surveys to verified respondents. 

Our unique process is known as Random Device Engagement, (RDE), which uses the organic sampling approach for finding and obtaining survey participants. 

A kind of organic probability sampling, RDE polling relies on advertising networks and other digital platforms to engage potential respondents wherever they visit voluntarily

Thus, RDE catches users where they choose to be, as opposed to being in unnatural environments, where they’ll be less likely to pay attention, let alone take part in a survey. 

That’s because, in unnatural environments, the thought processes of respondents can deviate from those in more natural environments, which results in artificial considerations that can influence their responses. Thus, RDE is the better approach to reaching respondents and getting honest, attentive responses. 

Random Device Engagement / Organic Sampling includes a variety of digital platforms and properties to survey respondents, such as:

  1. Mobile sites
  2. Apps 
  3. Websites 
  4. Mobile games

This randomized method of reaching respondents ensures you avoid acquiescence bias from your respondents, due to the anonymous nature of this route. This means you’ll avoid respondents who respond with answers that have positive associations.

This is because these surveys are completely anonymized and therefore don’t have the same pressures as would a panel. 

In addition, RDE allows you to steer clear of the sampling bias, which occurs when the respondent selection process is not conducted at random, which then leads to the under or overrepresentation of a certain market segment. 

And with over 250 people in our network, we never have to worry about data quality, delivering only the best, most authentic, and most useful insights to our clients.

How to Buy a Survey Audience

Now that you understand why it’s important to buy a survey audience, along with how the Pollfish platform provides the supreme respondent-reaching mechanism and quality survey data, it’s time to learn how you can buy a survey audience yourself.

Fortunately, the Pollfish platform values user-friendliness and ease of use, making it a quick and easy process.

On our platform, buying a survey audience is deeply tied to the entire survey creation process

Buying a Survey Audience as Part of the Survey Process

So what does it mean when the survey creation process is deeply connected to buying a survey audience?

In Pollfish, it means that as you create your questionnaire, you can also seamlessly switch to the “audience” tab and edit your survey target audience.

survey audience

This section of your survey project is where you input ALL of your respondent criteria. In market research, this is typically referred to as the screener, or the screening section. This section includes all the demographic, psychographic and geographic criteria you can use to target specific survey target audiences.

You’ll need to register with Pollfish in order to view the screening section, dashboard, and the rest of the platform. You can do this by signing up for either a Basic Plan or an Elite Plan.

The Two Pollfish Plans

Determine the best Pollfish plan for your business, organization or personal need. When you register for an account, you’ll have access to the platform to understand how to buy a survey audience firsthand.

Our market research SaaS offers two plans. Read through the nuances, offerings and possible limitations of both before you sign up.
DIY survey platform

  1. The Basic Plan
    1. Part of our Freemium model
    2. Includes basic features
    3. Allows you to pay as you go, meaning there is no minimum or maximum deposit.
    4. Each completed survey costs $0.95.
    5. Survey prices are uncapped.
    6. This is accessible to 10 people in your team.
    7. Which features it includes:
      1. A/B testing (Monadic)
      2. Advanced question types
      3. An account budget
      4. Data Exports (SPSS, CSV, PDF, Crosstabs)
      5. Demographic information on results
      6. White-labeled reports
      7. Open-ended grouping
      8. Full survey review and edits
      9. 24/7 support
    8. Which features it excludes:
      1. Conjoint analysis
      2. 4-6 Screening Questions
      3. Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (for pricing studies)
      4. BigQuery Export
      5. Crosstab Reports Designer
      6. Survey Results Translation
      7. Single Sign-On (SSO)
    9. At last, this plan offers the Distribution Link feature.
      1. This grants you more options for deploying your survey, those that go beyond using our Random Device Engagement method.
      2. Instead, it grants you full control of how and who you send your surveys to.
      3. Now available with both plans, learn more about it under Elite Plan, below.
  2. The Elite Plan
    1. This plan also prices each completed survey at $0.95.
    2. It includes capped pricing.
    3. The plan requires an account deposit.
      1. This deposit works in the manner of credits. Each dollar amount is equivalent to 1 credit. 
      2. These credits are what you use to pay off each survey complete and other survey costs.
    4. This plan is suited for all business types and organizations with larger market research goals and needs.
    5. As such, it includes more advanced features, along with all those that the Basic Plan includes.
    6. For example, it includes the Distribution Link feature.
      1. This nifty feature allows you to send your survey your way.
      2. That means, you can send your surveys to either:
        1. Specific individuals. This usually includes targeted respondents to whom you have contact information. 
          1. This can include their email address or their social media accounts.
          2. This kind of information may come from paying customers, or those who signed up for marketing collateral, such as newsletters, thereby giving you their contact info.
          3. You may also get this information by interacting with your followers on different social media channels. 
        2. Through specific online channels, such as social media, the homepage, a static page or landing pages. 
          1. This is especially useful if you seek to send your surveys through your own digital channels and properties, as opposed to others, such as those in our RDE network of website and app publishers.
    7. Which features it includes: (that the former plan lacks)
      1. Conjoint analysis
      2. 4-6 Screening Questions
      3. Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter
      4. BigQuery Export
      5. Crosstab Reports Designer
      6. Survey Results Translation
      7. Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you’re interested in learning more, or are ready to sign up with Pollfish to start cranking out all the market research projects you desire, visit our page: Pollfish Plan Pricing.  

Accessing Market Research Data to Buy Survey Audience 

Once you register with Pollfish, sign in to your account. Once signed in, you’ll be able to access all of your market research data — including the screener where you select your desired surrey audience. The Pollfish platform includes the following interfaces:

  • The Dashboard
    • New project creation 
      • Here, you can create new survey campaigns  
    • List of ongoing surveys; this includes 
      • Running surveys
      • Paused surveys
      • You can include each survey under different folders

In your dashboard, you can choose what you want to do with your survey campaigns, such as combing through ongoing surveys, paused surveys or those that have already reached completion. The latter refers to surveys that have received the amount of completes you originally added as part of your quotas.

Two Main Ways to Buy a Survey Audience

You can also choose to create an entirely new project. For this purpose, you’ll find the large blue button on the top right corner of the Dashboard, called “Create Project.” 

As such, there are two main ways to buy a survey audience in Pollfish and edit it to your liking. 

The first way to buy a survey audience is by creating an entirely new project. This grants you three options, which you can learn about in the next section. Essentially, these options provide the way you build out your survey.

The second way to buy survey respondents is by editing a survey that’s already in progress, AKA, a survey that is already running. In this second method, you can choose your survey respondents by pausing a running survey.

Remember, in both ways, you’ll need to buy your survey audience by accessing the last section (or step) of the survey process, which is the checkout.

For more information on how to make your own survey in just three easy steps, read the article in the hyperlink.

How to Buy Survey Respondents 

Now that you understand how buying survey respondents works on Pollfish, including the fact that it is innately tied to forming surveys themselves, let’s delve further. Here, we’ll teach you how to make that knowledge more actionable. 

The following provides step-by-step instructions on how to buy a survey audience on Pollfish:

how to buy a survey audience

  1. Register or log in to the Polish platform.
  2. Choose how you want to buy your respondents based on the two main ways explained above.
  3. If you seek to edit an ongoing survey (or a lauded survey), go to your dashboard.
    1. In your list of surveys, choose from the following surveys:
      1. All
      2. Draft
      3. Under approval
      4. Approved
      5. Running
      6. Paused
      7. Completed
      8. Under Edit
    2. In this list, click on the one you wish to edit. 
    3. Edit your survey audience
      1. You can change anything on the audience page, such as applying /removing filters, adding/changing quotas, etc.
      2. You cannot edit the screening questions.
    4. Go to the Checkout and pay for your new survey audience.
  4. If you seek to create a new project, click on the big blue button labeled: “Create project.”
    1. You’ll have three options for creating a new survey project. These include:
      1. From scratch
      2. From template
      3. Link 3rd party
    2. Next, you’ll be asked the following: "How would you like to collect responses to your survey?” 
    3. Choose from the following options:
      1. Buy survey from the Pollfish audience (The RDE method)
      2. Send a survey to your own audience or another survey panel
    4. Next, you’ll be brought to the 3-section survey creation interface.
    5. Choose your precise survey audience in the “Audience” section.
      survey respondents

      1. Here, you can input as many demographic/ location/ psychographic features.
      2. You can add screening questions if you have the Elite Plan.
    6. After you’re done choosing all your respondent criteria, move on to the next section, the Questionnaire and create your survey.
    7. Go to the last section, the Checkout. Here you can:
      1. Choose a payment method.
      2. Choose to schedule your survey or launch it immediately.
      3. View your cost analysis.
    8. Pay and complete your survey. Congratulations, you’ve bought a survey audience!

The Pollfish Platform Has Your Back

Regardless of the kind of market research project you seek to build out, Pollfish always has your back. Our dedicated team of market research experts is here to help you 24/7. Our platform is second to none when it comes to working on any topic that requires research.

Whether you seek to run a product satisfaction campaign, measure your consumer loyalty, run a brand tracker, understand your brand reputation or improve your customer service, we’ve got you covered. 

That’s because you can create any type of survey — and if you’re ever stumped on how to get started creating yours, you can choose from various survey templates and edit them to your liking. We currently offer 19 templates for a distinct range of topics. 

Just remember to study the correct survey target audience, as it differs from your broader target market and its various segments and customer personas. Luckily, you can filter your survey audience as granularly as you need to on our platform. Happy researching.

survey your audience

How to Survey Your Audience with a Market Research Platform

How to Survey Your Audience with a Market Research Platform

survey your audienceAny research endeavor will leave you wondering how to survey your audience properly so that you can collect quality data from the correct survey subjects. 

While surveying your audience shouldn't be a daunting chore, it should also not be brushed aside as something requiring little to no thought or structure. Instead, a quality survey campaign requires taking certain actions to ensure you’re studying the survey audience you need, with the correct questions and more. 

Online surveys provide the strongest conduit to your target market, a must when conducting market research. In fact, one of the top reasons businesses fail is because they don’t invest in their target market

This article explains how to survey your audience, including the major aspects to pay attention to and advice on how to achieve your survey campaign goals. 

The Major Aspects to Observe When You Survey Your Audience

There are a few chief considerations to consider when surveying your audience. A few of them were mentioned in the intro of this article. But there are several others that are key to work towards when setting up any survey campaign.

The following major aspects show how to survey your audience:

  1. Targeting the correct survey audience
  2. Setting the purpose of the survey campaign
  3. The best time to send a survey
  4. How to set up your questionnaire
  5. How to incentivize your respondents

The following section will explain how to survey your audience while keeping these considerations in mind and working towards a campaign that includes all of them. 

How to Survey Your Audience

Let’s take an in-depth look at how to survey your audience via the five major aspects identified above. These provide the makeup of any survey campaign. 

Reaching Out to the Correct Survey Audience

First, you’ll need to reach out to the correct survey audience. You’ll need to understand who your target market is, and for this, you ought to conduct secondary research. Refer to all the available information on your industry, your specific niche, its customers, its peak sales periods and more.

There is a vast amount of information available online. You can learn more about the different market research techniques and how to perform them.

To understand your target market, you should also consolidate your secondary market research with your own internal documentation. Do you have any customer audits or documents on customer personas

If not, you should consider creating them by conducting survey research. Surveys allow you to understand the makeup of your customers via market segmentation. The right online survey platform will allow you to target your customers in a granular way, as it will enable you to filter your survey audience through a variety of demographics and add screening questions.

Setting the Purpose of the Survey Campaign

Next, you’ll need to set the purpose of the campaign, if you haven’t done so already when you’ve decided on running a survey campaign. In the realm of market research, it is best to tie your campaign to a particular business goal.

survey your audience

For example, do you need survey insights to strengthen your content marketing strategy? Or, do you need more insights onto who your target market consists of? You may also need to run a campaign to A/B test your advertising. The insights surveys derive are virtually limitless, so you’ll be able to use them for a variety of business matters. 

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to have an overarching campaign or particular goal under which you’ll set up your survey research. This will help you form a well-organized survey and help you put together your questionnaire. 

To do so, ask yourself, what is it that you’re looking to gain from the survey and how can it help immediate business needs. Use the following characterization of survey insights to form the basis of your survey campaign:

  1. Validation of an idea, product or campaign
  2. New ideas
  3. Feedback 
  4. User insights

The Best Time to Send a Survey

After you’ve targetted your survey audience, contemplate when you would like to send it. 

But first, in order to determine the right time to deploy your survey across a wide network, or by sending the link via specific digital channels, you’ll need to consider the following:

  1. The point of your survey campaign
  2. Whether it is tied to other sub-campaigns
  3. The target audience of the campaign and their habits
    1. For example, you would target different times to send a survey to the unemployed younger generation, than you would to parents who work a full-time job.

After you’ve consolidated all of these matters, you ought to infer when the best time to send your survey is for different demographics of people. If you seek to send your survey abroad, consider the difference in time. 

For example, Monday at 6: 30 PM may be a good time to send surveys to younger, unemployed individuals who enjoy playing video games. But Monday, at 6:30 PM in New York, isn’t the same time in other parts of the world, and even the country.

If you need more help on deciding the best time to send your survey, click on the link to the best time to send a survey, which you’ll find in the “Major Aspects to Observe” section above.

How to Set up Your Questionnaire

There are various routes you can take when it comes to setting up your questionnaire. First, consider the larger campaign or purpose of your survey. Then, consider the curiosities you have and the insights you’ll need. 

survey your audience

If there are too many, it is apt to separate the survey into two or more surveys. This is a general best practice for surveys, as no one enjoys filling out long questionnaires. 

Then, choose from the following approaches for creating your questionnaire:

  1. Coming up with your own preliminary questions
  2. Using survey templates 
  3. Using survey templates, then customizing them to your liking
  4. Conducting secondary research on survey questions
  5. Considering using the 6 main types of survey questions

Make sure to personalize your questionnaire, especially if you intend on sending your survey to specific indiduals. Even if you’re going to deploy the survey to a massive network, it is best to personalize the contents of it to your target market and customer personas.

Did you know that a whopping 90% of consumers in the US find the idea of personalization appealing? This makes sense, given that no one likes to feel marketed to; nobody wants to see generic content or the kind that does not appeal to their interests or sensitivities at all.

How to Incentivize Your Respondents

Incentivizing your respondents will depend on how you’ll send your survey. If you’re going to distribute it through a massive network of digital channels, opt for a survey platform that partners with publishers that offer survey incentives. These may take many forms, including mobile game incentives.

If you’re going to send your survey to specific individuals, such as via email, or to a slightly broader audience — although not as broad as via a publishers’ network — you’ll need to offer your own incentives. These can be monetary or non-monetary.

Often, they’ll involve your products, services or unique promotions. In this way, survey incentives are a potent marketing initiative, as they bring more exposure to your offerings. Moreover, if you incentivize your respondents with your products or services, you can then send a follow-up survey asking them to rate their experience via a product satisfaction survey.

All in all, survey incentives are useful, as they motivate your target market to take your survey, and to do so quickly. After all, the sooner they’ll complete your survey, the sooner they can get their reward.

Successful Survey Campaigns

All business and non-business entities ought toa conduct their own research via a potent DIY market research platform. How to survey your audience ceases to become an intimidating task when you have a strong survey platform powering the entire process.

You should opt for an online research platform that makes buying survey respondents a quick and simple affair. This way, you’ll collect all your necessary data from the right respondents in a short space of time. 

Opt for a platform that features artificial intelligence and machine learning to remove low-quality data and offer a broad range of survey and question types.

It should include advanced skip logic to route respondents to relevant follow-up questions based on their previous answers. 

Most importantly, it should allow you to survey anyone.  As such, you’ll need a platform with a reach to millions of individuals, along with one that offers the Distribution Link feature. 

This feature will allow you to send your survey to specific customers, instead of just deploying them across a network. 

With a market research platform that grants you all of these capabilities, you’ll be able to survey your audience and run quality research campaigns. 

survey audience

Attracting a Survey Audience the Right Way with Market Research Software

Attracting a Survey Audience the Right Way with Market Research Software

survey audience

When it comes to attracting a survey audience, you’ll need more than just a well-built questionnaire and an idea of your study’s primary targets. You’ll need to incorporate the proper methods and tools to attract your target market —  or your target audience, if you’re not a business.

After all, your target market makes up the core of any market research survey campaign and most notably, the heart of virtually any business matter. You should never lose sight of who comprises your customer base and what their preferences are.

When you attract the proper survey audience to your survey, you’ll glean crucial insights that can help you optimize your entire customer experience. This is a must, as improving customer experience creates up to an 80% increase in revenue for businesses.  

Moreover, understanding your target market provides key data for decision-making, the kind that informs a wide breadth of campaigns, from content marketing, to advertising, sales and more.

This article explains how to obtain the proper survey audience and how to do so on the Pollfish online survey platform. 

How to Begin: What to Do Before Reaching Out to Your Survey Audience

Before you reach out to your target audience, you’ll need to take a few considerations into account and act on them. You wouldn’t want to end up surveying the wrong people. This will cost you money, create wasted efforts and fail to reach those who are interested in your offerings.

Many companies fail on this front, as 80% of marketing initiatives are aimed at the wrong target audience

While gaining insights on different segments of a population is important for different research pacticies, when it comes to market research, you should stick to following your specific target market and its different segments and customer personas

What to Do Before You Attracting Your Survey Audience to Your Survey

As aforementioned in the previous section, here’s what you ought to do before targeting your survey audience:

    1. Determine the primary needs of your market research campaign.
      1. Determine the main findings you seek to take away from it.
      2. For example: do you need insights into customer behavior
      3. Or, are you looking to conduct market research for advertising?
    2. After identifying its primary concerns, create a title and theme of your market research campaign.
    3. Determine the efforts you’ll need to carry out your campaign.
      1. This includes choosing various methods to accompany your survey, such as conducting secondary research.
    4. Then, identify a preliminary amount of survey research you’ll dedicate towards your campaign.
      1. This includes determining how many surveys you’ll need to conduct, their primary subject matters, their questions and a timeframe.
    5. Choose a strong online survey platform to host your market research campaign.
      1. The is a wide range of criteria when it comes to decking on the best survey platform.

How to Choose the Best Survey Platform to Reach Your Target Audience 

Piggybacking off of the last point in the previous section, you’ll need to find a potent market research platform before reaching out to your survey audience. That’s because this platform will be the centralized space for all your survey campaigns, which includes attracting the correct audience.  

It plays a major role in dealing with your survey subjects throughout the entirety of your research campaign. That’s because you’ll need it prior to reaching out to your survey audience and while you target them, as their responses get filtered out via a cycle of quality checks.

survey audience platform
The following explains what to consider when choosing the best survey platform for attracting your desired survey audience:

  1. A platform that deploys surveys across a wide network of publishers
    1. Ideally, these are highly-trafficked websites, apps and mobile sites
  2. One that procures respondents where they naturally exist online 
    1. This can be done via RDE sampling or random device engagement.
  3. One that allows surveys to be formed in a wide variety of languages
    1. Ideally, one that offers a feature for survey translations 
  4. A platform that quickly gathers all responses
    1. A strong platform will have turnover rates of no more than 2-3 days maximum.
  5. Easy to use and create
    1. One that allows you to make your own survey in 3 easy steps.
  6. An interface that allows you to screen respondents based on their demographics, psychographics and geolocation.
  7. All the data you collect is proprietary to you, as opposed to the provider of the market research platform.
  8. Software that doesn’t charge extra to conduct global market research.
  9. One that partners with publishers that offer survey incentives.
  10. A platform that offers a multitude of question types, media files and survey templates to build a custom and engaging questionnaire 
  11. One that offers the option of sending surveys to specific people or via a link you can place anywhere.
    1. This can be done via the Distribution Link feature.
  12. A platform that offers 24/7 support, so that you can conduct market research from anywhere, at any time.

How to Reach Your Survey Audience on Pollfish

To buy reach your survey audience on Pollfish, you’ll first need to decide how you’re going to distribute your surveys. You can opt for the RDE method, in which your surveys will be automatically distributed through our vast network of publishers.

Or, you can use the aforementioned Distribution Link feature, which allows you to send a link to specific individuals who you’ve identified or have the email of. This route also allows you to send surveys to a more narrow scope of respondents. 

Usually, these are people who are familiar with your brand, as they will have clicked on your survey through a link via your brand’s web page or social media account. Or, they may have been directly emailed the link, in which case, they’ve provided their email address to your brand.

reach your survey audience

After you’ve chosen your distribution method, you can then hyper-target your survey audience. 

The following provides instructions on how to reach your target audience on Pollfish:

    1. Create a new project on the survey dashboard by hitting its designated button.
    2. There, you‘ll be asked: How would you like to collect responses to your survey?
    3. Choose between the two distribution options of buying responses or send your survey your way.
      1. Buy responses: This allows you to use the Pollfish global survey network to reach your audience, in which you pay $0.95 per complete response.
      2. Send your survey your way: This allows you to send your surveys via the Dsitvition Link feature. As such, you can choose whether to send the link via email, social media or a web page.
      3. If you opt for the latter, make sure you offer survey incentives to attract your audience to your study. 
    4. Then, you’ll be taken to the Audience section of the platform. 
      1. Here, you can target your audience as you see fit.
    5. You have the option of using Multiple Audiences in your survey, or just one.
      1. Find it on the lefthand panel, which is automatically titled Audience 1.  
      2. You can add another audience by clicking on the + symbol at the bottom of this panel.
    6. In the lefthand audience panel, you can choose the number of respondents who will partake in the survey/ will be targetted. 
      1. Do so near the pencil icon beside ‘Survey completes.”
    7. Then, you can select the gender of the audience, along with quotas that dictate how many of each.
    8. After that, you have the option of adding up to three screening questions and choosing the answers that will disqualify people from your survey.
      1. This allows you to target respondents via a psychographic and behavioral-based approach.
    9. Next, add and filter all your demographic, geolocation and device requirements.
      1. Here, you can be very granular, as each type of criterion allows you to include various subcategories and quotas.
      2. For example, under the employment category, you can add quotas to a variety of employment types, such as employed for wages, out of work and looking for work, military, retired, etc. 
    10. Review all of your survey respondent requirements.
      1. Make sure you are targeting the correct audience, ie, your target market.
    11. In the questionnaire section of the survey, add 1-5 questions.
      1. Keep your question count short and your questions relevant and interesting to your audience.
    12. Add different media elements to keep your audience engaged throughout their survey experience.   

Constant Access to Any Target Population

With the right online survey platform, you will have instant access to any target population, no matter who it comprises and how far it spans geographically.

To reach the correct survey audience, you’ll need a platform that deploys surveys within a mass network of publishers, ones that account for major websites, apps and mobile sites, along with one that also grants you the ability to send surveys your own way.

A strong market research platform will also attract your survey audience with an appealing digital element that leads to your survey and easily grabs users’ attention. In addition, it will partner with publishers who gamify surveys, allowing respondents to gain incentives while playing a game, making the experience far from boring.

You should also opt for an online research platform that makes buying survey respondents a quick and simple process. This way, you’ll collect all your necessary data from the right respondents in a short space of time. 

Additionally, use a platform that features artificial intelligence and machine learning to remove low-quality data and offer a broad range of survey and question types.

It should also include advanced skip logic to route respondents to relevant follow-up questions based on their previous answers. 

When you use an online survey platform with all of these capabilities, you’ll be able to reach any survey audience and run quality research campaigns at any time